What are the readers saying

"A thrilling read! Never before have I read such a dense, rich story with pure page-turning ease! Exciting, moving and an overall delight. It's a must read for fans of adventure!"

- James Matthews (Amazon review)

"A rewarding page turner. Filled with the building blocks of dense lore, a thought provoking magic system, and a pair of endearing main characters, Aura Ignition takes off with a journey of despair and hope. A must read for fans of science fiction!"

- Charm Durkin (Amazon review)

"A great debut novel to explore! The description of action, and the mystery that envelops around an unknown planet creates great visions for readers to imagine for themselves. With a number of questions left unanswered and interesting paths the story takes, I'm more than looking forward to the next instalment of the Aura Ignition series."

- Mike Bones (Goodreads)