In a world where dreams have ceased to exist and people channel innate energy through the symbiotic bond with steel, called an aura ignition, granting them extraordinary powers, Jordan is sent into hiding to Earth after his mother dreams he will vanquish evil from Mageska.

Eight years later, Sicarius, a mystical sword-wielding assassin, arrives in search of the boy. But he has deeper motives. He invades Manhattan and is converting people into an army under black clouds, plunging the world into a freezing darkness.

Jordan and his intrepid friend embark on a journey in search of a spaceship to return him to his home world, hoping his departure will dispel the enigmatic black clouds that shroud the earth.

The fate of Earth lies on the shoulders of Jordan’s destiny, a Mageskan guardian, and two disparate soldiers of the U.S. military to thwart the invasion of Manhattan and an armada from space, which will have them battle powerful alien warriors of sword-wielding magic. Jordan will discover that his forgotten past, his friends, his enemies, all bear secrets that could change the course of his fate. He must master untapped powers, fight sinister forces within his mind, and survive a perilous journey before Sicarius hunts him down for his crusade against Mageska and his growing wrath of darkness destroys Earth.